Client Intake Forms

A bankruptcy petition is only as good as the information gathered to prepare the petition with, and at we have the perfect solution to the information gathering process.

An effective bankruptcy client questionnaire must be simple for the debtor to complete, yet effective at gathering the necessary information to assist in the data verification requirements.

The solution is our Client Intake Forms, which have been designed with nearly a decade of experience in gathering debtor information and conform to BAPCPA law, while remaining user friendly.

Our Bankruptcy Client Intake Forms are in use at hundreds of bankruptcy law firms nationwide to prepare Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy petitions.

Below you can download the Client Intake Forms in Adobe Acrobat format, which you are free to use as is.

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Download our FREE Client Intake Forms and have your next bankruptcy client complete them.  Our client intake forms have been proven in hundreds of bankruptcy law practices nationwide, and can be personalized with your law firm's contact information (To have custom forms made please contact us).

Once you have downloaded or received a copy of the Client Intake Forms, simply give them to your next bankruptcy client to complete, check them for missing information, and then email them to us along with the debtor’s credit counseling certificate(s) and pay stubs or proof of income, and we will prepare the petition for you.